Ho scelto il trasportatore per escavatori compatti TA-NO!
Perché TA-NO, questo è sicuro.

Andrzej Kaluzynski, Operatore di macchine edili.

I chose TA-NO!
Because TA-NO will withstand more.

Peter Zdun
Electrical Engineer

Abbiamo scelto il veicolo speciale TA-NO!
Sicurezza garantita.

Dina Venturella, Capo dei vigili del fuoco della fabbrica.

Ho scelto i trasportatori di veicoli TA-NO!
Perché TA-NO, è un maestro dei trasporti.

Mark Wojciechowski, autista.

I chose TA-NO trailers!
Because the TA-NO to win.

Raphael Ruminski

Ho scelto i rimorchi TA-NO!
Perché il TA-NO per vincere.

Peter Ciach, motociclista.

Ho scelto i rimorchi cargo TA-NO!
Perché il TA-NO è tutto verde.

Ania Tataradzinska, giardiniera.

Ho scelto i rimorchi per barche TA-NO!
Vacanza di successo garantita!

Tom Kulig, marinaio.


The wide variety of transportation applications requires a wide range of vehicles. From light, single-axle trailers intended for small scale work, up to three-axle heavy goods trailers with a capacity of 60 cubic metres or platforms intended to transport two vehicles, intended for a total mass up to 3.5t. TA-NO offers the right transportation solution for each and every application. Efficient and reliable, safe and convenient.

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Rimorchi furgonati

Rimorchi furgonati

TA-NO Quality without compromise.
Hot zinc-plated chassis and frames. Better distribution of loads. Fixture points in the casing ensure excellent and easy securing of cargo. Well-thought structure of the chassis frame.
The TA-NO trailers are available in various frame variants with a single axle, two axle (tandem) and three axles (tridem) suspension systems.
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Rimorchi trasporto imbarcazioni

Rimorchi trasporto imbarcazioni

TA-NO Modern technology, practical and well thought structures. High level of flexibility and convenience.
TA-NO boat trailers offer the maximum functionality of travel comfort with a yacht. From compact trailers used to transport fishing boats or jet skis, to large versions for long distance trips with sea yachts, available in variants optimally tailored to meet your needs. The excellent design of the suspension system and ergonomics in every detail make it an ideal travel companion.
Guaranteed successful holidays.
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Rimorchi trasporto auto

Rimorchi trasporto auto

Entrepreneurs value the heavy duty readiness and low operational costs, the drivers are satisfied with the easy operation the equipment provides.
TA-NO vehicle transporters offer the most effective solution to all expectations related to vehicle transport. The highest level of reliability, narrow scope of necessary maintenance works are the inherent characteristics of all TA-NO vehicles.
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Rimorchi ribaltabili

Rimorchi ribaltabili

Every TA-NO trailer has been designed with one goal in mind - to provide the user with the best possible durability and functionality.
TA-NO tipping trailers are trustworthy and ready for work in even the heaviest and most demanding conditions. They are characterised by high standard specifications, are able to handle tens of thousands of miles every year whilst remaining a very affordable solution.
Tipping trailers are a part of TA-NO portfolio, characterised by low and flexible structure, ensuring optimal load distribution and stable operation of the trailer.
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Rimorchi trasporto attrezzature

Rimorchi trasporto attrezzature

They are not only durable and flexible, but also characterised by great utility advantages.
According to their transportation instinct, they are provided with new advantages and benefits, making them an even better partner for your company.
The highest number of offered configurations has been further expanded to meet the ever changing and expanding scope of requirements of the users.
Buying a TA-NO trailer you can be sure that the transportation task will be executed efficiently, with low ownership and maintenance costs.
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Rimorchi per trasporti leggeri

Rimorchi per trasporti leggeri

Durability. Robustness. Reliability.
Inherent attributes of TA-NO cargo trailers. Trailers with excellent traction properties and increased capacity. Ready for heavy duty in even the most demanding conditions.
TA-NO cargo trailers are the best choice whenever availability is the key. And if you add our service solutions to this, you are provided with everything you need to deal with the task at hand, under any conditions.
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Rimorchi per trasporti pesanti

Rimorchi per trasporti pesanti

2-axle TA-NO trailers were created to perform the most demanding transportation tasks.
They all are heavy goods trailers by defaults and are designed as typical trailers for heavy goods vehicles. The bearing frame is made of highly resistant steel, resulting in higher capacities of all offered versions.
The extremely resistant suspension not only guarantees full control over the trailer, but also contributes to the increased, maximum permitted capacity.
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Rimorchi speciali

Rimorchi speciali

TA-NO special vehicle is designed individually in order to provide the best possible service to its user. The designs are highly specialised and complex.
The task of our company is to tackle the challenge and offer the best solution of the task at hand.
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