Autotransporter 50.35 PREMIUM


  • Technical parameters

    • Construction type steel/alu
    • Length (internal) 5000mm.
    • Width (internal) 2100mm.
    • Weight without equipment 320kg.
    • Technical capacity 2000kg.
    • Chassis recommendations

    • Type of driver cab Chassis Cab
    • Wheelbase min. 4000mm.
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Even 3 years warrantyFree service during the guarantee period


Since 1996, when the first body of a special TA-NO vehicle was made, special installations have been produced by TA-NO, providing unique, flexible and functional solutions.
TA-NO vehicle transporters provide their users with solutions which cannot be provided by any other manufacturer. They win the customers over with their unique design, care and attention to detail and breakthrough technologies, continuously confirming their presence and gathering and holding a loyal group of customers.

Recommended chassis for installation

  • Total mass up to 6t.
  • Wheelbase min. 4m.
  • Chassis Cab
  • Single or double rear axle wheels

The cargo space

  • All parts of the intermediate frame are perforated, rolled and fire-plated, resistant to corrosion
  • Light transport platform made of aluminium
  • Anti-slip transport surface
  • Cargo attachment system
  • Aluminium loading steps with a system of simultaneous lock operated on two steps
  • Powder-coated elements of the installation

Ideally sized

  • Length (internal): 5000 mm.
  • Width (internal): 2100 mm.
Autotransporter 50.35

Ramp mirror facilitating vehicle loading.

Aluminium loading steps. Light and resistant.

Working LED lighting for night loading operations.

Rubber bumpers protect the bumper of the transported vehicle.

Resilient trailer towing hook with a load capacity of 3.5t.

Electric winch with side motions and remote control.

7. Automatic locking of loading steps.

Trailer transporting hook with a 1.2t resistance.

Factory-installedrear integrated lamps.

LED warning light Recovery Service Superslim version.

LED outline lighting. Front-rear and side lighting.

Graphics - Recovery Service.

Painted surface of the structure.

Toolbox 60cm.

Plastic mudguards with a decorative, white stripe.

Anti-bicycle shield made of aluminium composites.

Additional, pneumatic suspension of the rear axle. Available for all vehicle brands. Relieves the rear axle of the vehicle.

Control system. Installed in the cabin or in the toolbox.


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